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  • Meditations

    Oil, Cold Wax on Paper and Wood Panel
    53 Smaller 8 x 10 inch Original Paintings with 1.5 inch spacing
    84 x 67.5 in


    Each small painting is a meditation, together they reflect different moods, times and experiments. On purpose some of them have been left fresh and not overworked to catch an impression for the day. Some are loud, some whisper, some are crazy, some are joyous, some are sad, some are contemplative, mirroring my latest motto of all of us having to live with life’s daily twists and turns. Creating art during the pandemic has been a reminder to embrace life’s messiness in all its glory and despair.

    Top Left to Right / Top to Bottom:

    1    Boisterous and guilty
    2    Stubborn foolishness
    3    Bath Bombs and Champagne
    4    Forever afternoon
    5    Dose of love
    6    Pixie dust
    7    Garden is Tended
    8    Day is Drifting
    9    Seed
    10    Spirits in the night
    11    Hot Mess
    12    There’s still hope
    13    Lonely
    14    Majestic
    15    Wielding love
    16    New day
    17    Shiny Day
    18    Secret selves
    19    Cool Mess
    20    Whispering
    21    A Little Softness, a Stopped Clock
    22    I’m in between
    23    My friends are Ghosts
    24    Sunday candy
    25    Under Covers for the Day
    26    Dumpster Fire
    27    Connections are Real

    28    Morning on Repeat

    29    Dead battery

    30    Crispy Edges of the Day

    31    Warm spot on the floor