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Taking Flight
  • Taking Flight

    Taking Flight (Above Left)
    acrylic on plywood, 92 x 122 cm,
    $5800 (framed)

    June 3, 2021, from the NYT article, Find Him and Kill Him, by David Zucchino, with photographs by Kiana Hayeri: “Find him and kill him,” were the instructions posted by the Taliban posted online along with a photo of Rahima’s husband, Major Naiem Asadi, a decorated Afghan Air Force helicopter pilot. The Asadi family had been in hiding for seven months when they were granted entry in the United States. The flight from Kabul to J.F.K. Airport in New York was an emotional one, as the couple and their five-year-old daughter would soon be separated from their loved ones and the only country they have ever known.

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